Den norske versjonen finner du her…

Many people who order TechNet think they must wait for the welcome email before they can start using your account.

This is not correct. You can start using your account as soon as your payment has gone through.  The only thing you must remember to write down is your Access Benefit number that you receive on your receipt after your payment has gone through.

If you did not write down your subscription benefit number, try this link and maybe you get access now: (Europa site) (USA site)

I’m going to show you the entire order process from start to finish, and how you can begin to generate and download your software immediately after payment.

You must create a Windows Live account before you start, preferably with the email address you will use during your order.

You start here: If you order in the U.S.Or here if you live in a different country

You select the version you wish to order, I use  TechNet Standard this time

I have looked up the price for my country – in this case thats 1.647 NOK.

You then select the Proceed to Checkout

You fill out the info here, on e-mail, use the same as your Live ID to make sure this work.

You select the payment method, credit cards are the easiest and fastest.  You can choose from Visa, Mastercard or Amex card.

You will then get a confirmation page, check all the info before you click I agree to the terms, and Place order for ordering.

This is important since if you begin to use Technet account immediately. The receipt contains the info you need to start using.  Okay that is say at the top that you get an e-mail, but forget it.  It took six days for me the first time.

In the Subscriber Benefit Access Number is the most important info.  The rest you have filled in the order, first name, last name and email address.

Click on the link when the TechNet Subscription Benefits Portal.  If you are not signed in with your Windows Live ID, then sign it now, but it must be the same as you use during your order.

Just the same page, a bit further down. You are now ready to activate your account.

You are now viewing the page where you activate your account TechNet, long before you receive the email.  Fill out the info and use the number from your receipt page.

Press the blue squares.

You now have full access to your account, and long before the mail arrives.  Press the Subscriber Downloads, to start generating product keys and download any .Iso files you need.

As you see, you can generate product licenses already, and press «More» you can also download the files. In any language you want (as MS has made then)

This saves you a lot of time and many days of waiting. The trick is said to write down the number you receive on your receipt.

Hope this can help a lot of people, thats waiting for the confirmation mails, thats take some time to get.

If you did not write down your subscription benefit number, try this link and maybe you get access now: (Europa site) (USA site)